TNL eSports Brand Tracker 033: Hot Pockets and eSports Arena



TNL eSports Brand Tracker 032: Hot Pockets (Photo: Hot Pockets)

TNL Take: Hot Pockets may be permanently connected to Jim Gaffigan in my head.

Hot Pockets are awesome and now the Nestle owned Brand is moving into eSports. The company is sponsoring a two day event at eSports Arena in Santa Ana featuring top YouTuber's playing a variety of games.

In addition to eSports Arena, Hot Pockets will also be doing a Twitch live stream with announcer's calling the tournaments.

They even had a design agency make a custom GIF Photo Booth just for the event.

A happy Dad and Kid (GIF: Hot Pockets)

Great overall execution with Hot Pocket's first eSports investment. 

In the "microwaveable pizza type product" category, Hot Pockets was actually second.

General Mill's Totino's Pizza Rolls Brand had a Call of Duty $50K Tournament in November 2015 - hence why not in TNL eSports Brand Tracker for 2016.

Totino's Call of Duty Sponsorship (Photo: Totino's)