2016 eSports Review: The 50 Brands


2016 eSports Review: The 50 Brands

2016 eSports Review: The 50 Brands 

TNL Take: Outside of the massive Pro Sports investment in eSports, the growth in Non-Endemic Brands sponsoring the industry has seen the same immense growth.

Having worked at the intersection of Marketing and Gaming for over a decade, I've never seen this many Brands in the space - in just one year.

Without further ado, here are the 50 Brands that spent in eSports in 2016:

50 Brands and eSports (Graphic: The Next Level)

Before the emails come in, Ill have a high-res version to download as well. If I have time, Ill try and organize by category.

Feel free to use in presentations, speeches, office posters or on your fridge - just give The Next Level the attribution.