2016 eSports Review: eSports and TV


2016 eSports Review: eSports and TV

eSports On TV (Graphic: Cesar Level)

TNL Take: This week The Next Level will look at how eSports performed and grew in 2016 across a few categories - and where it could go in 2017.

The first will look at eSports and TV.

TNL eSports Infographic 020: TV Ratings (Source: The Next Level)

Clearly Turner's investment in E LEAGUE helped drive further programming and deals across the board.

Here's what happened in 2016:

So what's going to happen in 2017?

/01 20+ eSports events in 2016. We may see double that this year.

/02 More broadcast deals as Publishers look to monetize their content.

/03 Another OTT deal such as MLBam and Riot's $300M deal.

/04 More Sports eSports on TV like Madden, FIFA and NBA2K.

/05 EVO will be bigger and more fighting eSports content.

As I've continually said, eSports doesn't need TV, TV needs eSports. So why more programming?

Because TV is a $70+ Billion industry in the US.