The Branding Behind The NBA 2K League Team Logos



 NBA 2K League and Team Logos (Photo: NBA)

NBA 2K League and Team Logos (Photo: NBA)

TNL Take: This week saw the release of the NBA 2K League logo as well as the reveal of the individual team names and branding.  

The NBA 2K League Logo was revealed first:

  • The NBA 2K League logo uses the colors and shape of the NBA logo and incorporates the font of the NBA 2K logo
  • Unlike traditional sports leagues, there is no human silhouette, a nod to the inclusive nature of the league 
  • Centerpiece of the design is a basketball

The Next Level also spoke with individuals at Wizards District Gaming, Pacers Gaming and Jazz Gaming for their take on the team branding.




You can clearly see the color connection with parent company Monumental Sports and Entertainment and the Washington Wizards with the familiar red and blue. The 3 stars in the logo represent not only the 3 stars in the DC flag, but also the communities of DC, Maryland and Virginia.

“We couldn’t be more excited to unveil the branding for Wizards District Gaming. Our logo is the perfect extension of the values that are reflective of the MSE family of teams: inclusivity, diversity, and a desire to be the best. We are confident that fans our franchises, as well as the DMV area as a whole, will be able to appreciate our approach to representing our home in an authenticate and meaningful way.”- Grant Paranjape, Director of Esports Business & Team Operations




Who doesn't love Boomer, the Indiana Pacers mascot? The Pacers Gaming logo is a new interpretation of the familiar feline.

“Boomer, the Pacers Panther mascot, is part of our heritage and symbolizes confidence, courage, and power. This new modernized version of the Pacers Panther is also sleek, confident, sly, and ready to pounce. We're proud, we're confident, and we know the game of basketball better than anyone else. This is Indiana. This is Pacers Gaming.” - Cody Parrent, Director of eSports Operations




The Jazz Gaming logo keeps the traditional Utah Jazz colors in place while also cleverly combing the J and G together. The alternate logo even mashes up the music background of the organization.

“We wanted our logo to showcase the state of Utah and show its part in video game history as well. It also gives you the look & feel that it belongs together with the other franchises at LHM Sports & Entertainment. We are very proud of the logo and look forward to what we build behind it.” - Josh Barney, Director of Esports and Tech


While the NBA 2K League will not showcase current players or teams, every logo and brand asset pays homage to their traditional sports counterpart. Will be interesting to see the crossover appeal between a basketball fan and a NBA 2K fan once the league launches next year.