2017 Esports Predictions Review: Pro Teams


TNL Take: We now move to the second part in our year end esports predictions review, pro sports teams.

Here are the 5 predictions made for 2017:


/01 An NFL team will make a move before next season starts


Not one but two NFL teams made big moves prior to the 2017 season starting. The New England Patriots became the first NFL team to make a big splash by taking the Boston spot for Activision-Blizzard's Overwatch League. Next came the Kroenke's, owners of several sports franchises including the LA Rams.

In addition, the Dallas Cowboys acquired a majority stake in Complexity Gaming last month.



/02 Europe will continue to dominate overall investment

Last year, investments in esports startups or teams coupled with pro teams entering the space was primarily led by Europe.

This prediction was made prior to news of Overwatch teams estimated buy in nor NA League of Legends franchising, which put the US front and center for esports investment.


/03 Another country will announce a similar e-league like France's


Earlier this year, the Netherlands premier football division, Eredivisie, announced the E-Divisie esports league including all 18 current clubs. 

The E-Divisie is a partnership between the Eredivisie, Endemol Shine Netherlands and EA Sports and the games will be broadcast on Twitch, YouTube and TV via Fox Sports. 



/04 A publisher will work with a league to create a more formal structure


Can't get clearer than publisher Take Two Interactive's partnership with the NBA for the upcoming NBA 2K League. 2K Sports is working hand-in-hand with the 17 teams for the launch next year with qualifications beginning as soon as Jan 1st. 

We covered the NBA 2K League many times this year and are looking forward to it getting underway.



/05 Esports teams will start wearing Pro Team merchandise

Big miss on this one however we did start seeing some crossover between esports and pro sports teams with marketing; such as the Alienware/Miami Misfits night during a Miami Heat game.


2017 esports and pro sports predictions score: 3 out of 5