Tottenham Hotspur Expect To Make £3M Per eSports Event



eSports. Up There. (Photo: Getty)

eSports. Up There. (Photo: Getty)

TNL Take: It should be no surprise to regular readers that English Soccer teams have been one of the most involved in eSports.

As I've already listed the many reasons why Pro Sports teams invest in eSports, English Premier League team Tottenham Hotspurs are taking it a step further and providing revenue estimates against eSports events at their new stadium.

According to English media outlet The Sun, Tottenham is expecting to bring in £3M per eSports event.

As expected....the expectations are a bit high.

Tottenham's New Stadium (Photo: Press Association)

Tottenham's New Stadium (Photo: Press Association)

Tottenham believes they could realistically generate:

  • £2.5M from ticket sales per event based on 50,000 tickets at £30 each and the rest as "corporate seats"
  • Another potential £1.5M per event from sponsorship deals, catering and merchandise sales, and commercial spin-offs


Maybe a few years from now but not in the 2018-2019 season Tottenham. It's that unfortunate reality of math getting in the way:

  • The last League of Legends Championships Finals were held at the Staples Center in LA and sold out at 20,000 seats. How will Tottenham attract 50,000 fans along with corporate seats...with what event and game?
  • £1.5M per event from sponsorship, catering and merchandise is reasonable...if they can somehow sell 50,000 tickets and attract several hundred thousand Average Concurrent Viewers.


Outside of the rose colored projections, the upside is that traditional sports across the world are looking at eSports for marketing and monetization.