Rocket League's Ratings Score For ELEAGUE



ELEAGUE Cup (Photo: Turner)

ELEAGUE Cup (Photo: Turner)

TNL Take: This week we look at the last two weeks with the launch of the ELEAGUE Cup: Rocket League.

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Well done ELEAGUE. 

Not surprisingly, the premiere performed well, ranking it the #4 show behind only The CW which is in a lot more households than TBS.


As Rocket League is completely family friendly, Turner was able to close several brand deals including new entrants Cheez-It, Boost Mobile and Navy Federal Credit Union.

What's also not surprising is that this past week - which hit #2 for the year - wasn't an actual esports event but rather content shot around the ELEAGUE Cup aka shoulder programming.

ELEAGUE Cup Rocket League Feature Series (Photo: Turner)

ELEAGUE Cup Rocket League Feature Series (Photo: Turner)

Here's an example of Rocket League's content:

Not only is Rocket League easy to watch, the game and teams are starting to build their own storylines - just like traditional sports.  Further, this wasn't the normal multi-hour tournament but rather just 1 hour long which works well at the Friday 10PM time-slot.


Expect more content of this type from ELEAGUE.